Geocaching Mystery Toolbox

A codes and ciphers toolbox for people like me addicted to Mystery caches.

Some basic instructions.
Select a cipher type from the menu to the left (top left on a mobile). Enter the cipher / plain text and any key or other information and select decrypt or encrypt. For the most part results come back in the same place, however, some results or additional informasjon appear when a "Toggle Working Text" button appears.
If the cipher has a icon then there will be a Cryptanalysis check box towards the bottom of the page whereby you can try cracking the cipher without a key.
Otherwise see Help! for more help.

After encrypting / decrypting with a cipher you can add another layer (i.e. chain different ciphers) by simply selecting the next type and the output from the first is used for the input to the next.

The toolbox is designed as much as a teaching tool as a tool for solving or creating caches, it is full of help texts and each cipher has a sample encrypted text. Instead of cleaning the input texts if they aren't in the correct format the toolbox warns you of which illegal characters are present and they need to be removed manually.


The toolbox has been tested but it is most likley not bug free. Feel free to report errors and bugs or new functions by sending me an e-mail at

If there is a cipher missing that you think would be nice for others let me know.

The application is developed as Mobile-First to use in the field so the desktop layout is pretty boring!