Version Updates:

18.01.2023 Changed platform at ISP Service Provider.
02.11.2022 Updated Google Analytics tag and removed Facebook connection.
15.10.2022 Added a pointer to the Working Text for Base 2 to 62 conversions.
17.06.2021 Added Quagmire I, II and IV using method from The American Cryptogram Association (ACA). Quagmire III is the Keyed Vigenere already implemented.
09.06.2021 Improved the cracking algorithm (Hill Climbing with Simulated Annealing!) used in Playfair, Bifid and Simple Substitution and it works sometimes now!
09.06.2021 Added British National Grid, What3Words and Geohash calculations to the output of Coordinate conversions
01.06.2021 Added One Time Pad using Vigenere encoding
01.06.2021 Added Base64 Image encoding and decoding
01.06.2021 Corrected a bug in OTP-XOR not encrypting properly.
20.05.2021 Corrected a bug showing decimal minutes not decimal degrees on coordinate conversions for east/west part
19.05.2021 Added a 500 000 long wordlist with common words, countries and cities and the top 100 000 used passwords to the reverse hashing.
18.05.2021 Removed detection of Unicode foreign characters from Image text detection to cut down on result size.
20.04.2021 Changed hosting platform
12.12.2020 Corrected a bug in Enigma with wheel VIII showing VII in the key :(
03.06.2020 Corrected a bug in Cryptogram
07.05.2020 Added StegDetect text extraction and ROT ASCII based on some of the solutions needed for Cicada 3301 First Puzzle Walkthrough. 04.05.2020 Added Brainf**k and Ook code generation and changed out the interpreter for a more robus version.
03.05.2020 Added Bazeries cipher
01.05.2020 Created a group for Steganography with StegDetect RGB and added StegDetect EoF (End of File) and StegDetect Geocaching Toolbox (php stegger/crypt). Also improved the speed of the RGB processing.
11.04.2020 Added Running Key cipher
17.04.2020 Added Input formatting help text to the Cipher iinformation
17.04.2020 Added VIC Cipher (English version) cipher
11.04.2020 Added Nihilist cipher
11.04.2020 Added One Time Pad cipher using XOR with ITA as per WWII machine version
28.03.2020 Added QR/Barcode encoding and decoding using ZXing
28.03.2020 Fixed the broken page loading and SiteMap
14.03.2020 Added language selection for What3Words API calls
14.03.2020 Added a version of some image processing. EXIF, colour maps and a basic StegDetect RGB bit manipulation
14.03.2020 Finally sorted out the Bootstrap layouts for desktop and mobile switching and generally tidied things up. The mobile layout is a bit blobby, but that is standard Bootstrap!
14.03.2020 Changed page load behaviour to be AJAX partialLoad to enable Image processing without page reloading
04.03.2020 Added Base91 (basE91) text encoding.
01.03.2020 Added Redefence cipher, a variant of Railfence.
01.03.2020 Removed a bug where the input text was blanked out if there was an error. Don't know where that came from :(
02.12.2019 Added an implementation of Microsoft Bing Quadkeys with 28 digit resolution (simulates a function on Apple iPhone app GEOtools)
02.12.2019 Added a new alphabet type, BarCode numbers. Each 2D barcode is made up of black and white lines in groups of 4. Each group of 4 is a number from 0 to 9.
02.07.2019 Added coordinate input conversion to Geohash and What3Words thanks to CoordinateSharp
02.07.2019 Added What3Words encoding and decoding
10.04.2019 Moved off Microsoft Azure to Loopia and added https:
10.04.2019 Upgraded platform to MS VS2019
31.03.2019 Added Facebook links and buttons
31.03.2019 Fix a bug on the Start Playing! button that had stopped working
28.10.2018 Added Trithemius, Alberti, Pollux, Larrabee and Polybius ciphers
20.10.2018 Upgraded platform to MS VS2017 (so it might be broken somewhere!)
14.10.2018 Corrected error with Keyed Alphabet creation using wrong alphabets
26.09.2018 Added Cookie Consent code to comply with GDPR
07.03.2018 Added Hill Cipher with 4 character key (i.e. a 2 x 2 matrix)
06.03.2018 Added Lorenz Cipher machines type SZ40, SZ42a and SZ42b
10.02.2018 Added UUencode / decode and new group Binary to text encoding that includes ASCII85, Base64, Base32, Base58 (bitcoin) and UUencode
08.02.2018 Fixed bugs in RSA key generation in bases other than base 10
04.02.2018 Implemented more robust architecture in case of network loss.
04.02.2018 Moved ciphers from Home/Ciphers to Ciphers/Cipher/[cipherType]. If you get error 404 with Home/Ciphers, clear stored pages from you browser cache or try Shift/F5 or Ctrl/Shift/R
04.02.2018 All sorts of improvements and bug removal after implementing Unit Testing!
31.01.2018 Bug in encrypting Simple Substitution fixed
31.01.2018 Improved Talletic and ASCII Alphabet decoding to preserve line feeds.
31.01.2018 Added a new dropdown for Split function to avoid needing to know what \r\n etc means!
31.01.2018 Improved initital key seeding for Simple Substitution cryptoanalysis
28.01.2018 Bug in Cryptanalysis of Substitution cipher fixed
28.01.2018 Bug in ReloadCipher button when changing cipher fixed
28.01.2018 Rewritten DropDown list code to improve performance. Less web calls whilst loading.
28.01.2018 Changed class inheritances for increased efficiency
28.01.2018 Tested at and
28.01.2018 Roman Numerals added
28.01.2018 Improved Talletic and ASCII Alphabet decoding to preserve line feeds.
28.01.2018 Added a new dropdown for Split function to avoid needing to know what \r\n etc means!
26.01.2018 Bug Coordinate button open Google not working (fixed)
26.01.2018 Bug Base conversion all bases 2 to 64. Line feed error (fixed)
26.01.2018 Bug Base conversion removed spaces (fixed)
26.01.2018 Release of first stable beta version on Azure :)

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