List of implemented ciphers. For a list of all the implemented ciphers with their descriptions click this link (it's a long list!)

= Ciphers with possibility to crack without a key. Some work, some work sometimes and others don't!

Licence information and other tributes

Where relevant the ciphers have the licence information included in the cipher information popup window. All of the code is either written from the bottom up from descriptions of how the ciphers work or adapted from open source implementations of cipers.

Things to do. Kanskje de kommer kanskje ikke!

Future Development based on things often used for Geocaching
  • Solitair
  • Homophonic Substitution Cipher
  • Burrows - Wheeler transform
  • ----------------------
  • Sudoku
  • ----------------------
  • Rotate
  • Freemason
  • Multiplicative
  • Rotation
  • Templar
  • Bibibinary cipher
  • Cadenus cipher
  • Collon cipher
  • Condi cipher
  • Digrafid cipher
  • Gray code
  • Jefferson wheel cipher
  • Morbit cipher
  • Myszkowski cipher
  • Phillips cipher
  • Ragbaby cipher
  • Shadok cipher
  • Swagman cipher
  • Zyga-Zyfa cipher